Safe Sea Anti Sting Sunscreen, SPF 15 Lotion Protects Against Jellyfish, Sea Lice & Fire Coral, Biodegradable & Hypoallergenic (4 oz Bottle, 1 Bottle)

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Product Overview

  • ANTI-STING - Protective lotion guards against jellyfish, sea lice and fire coral stings.

  • SUN PROTECTION - Broad spectrum SPF 15 gives UV protection for peace of mind.

  • WATER RESISTANT - Longlasting formula endures for 80 minutes in the water.

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Biodegradable and safe for marine life.

  • DERMATOLOGIST TESTED - Proven formula is scientifically tested in a double-blind field study.

  • Color : SPF15

  • Size : 4 oz

Safeguard Against Stings

Pack a bottle of Safe Sea before your next trip! The patented formula is proven to protect against sea lice, jellyfish stings and fire coral. By creating a slick barrier on your skin that blocks chemical pathways, the lotion ensures a sting-free beach vacation.

Broad Spectrum SPF 15

Safe Sea doesn't just protect against sea critters. Broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 15 protects your skin from damaging UV rays, so you can have fun in the sun all day long.

Safe for Marine Life

Protecting our oceans is just as important as protecting your skin. Safe Sea formula is biodegradable and safe for marine wildlife.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review