Mizon Black Snail All In One Cream, 2.40 Ounce


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Mizon Black Snail All In One Cream, 2.40 Ounce
Mizon Black Snail All In One Cream, 2.40 Ounce

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  • The combined synergy of 90% black snail mucus filtrate and 27 black plant extracts creates a cream that takes care of any and all skin types and problems

  • Resolves overall skin problems like trace, loosened pores, irregular skin tone for healthy skin as well as being anti-aging, brightening, and providing wrinkle care

  • Contains black snail mucus filtrate, 27 black plant extracts, adenosine, peptide and vitamin

  • Free from fragrance, artificial color, and parabens, ideal for sensitive skin types

  • Instruction: After toner apply and dab in appropriate amount

Mizon's Black Snail All in One Cream is a vital skin care product. You can use it throughout the day as needed and is a multipurpose solution for all skin problems. While the African black snail mucus filtrate supplies moisture and nutrition, healing blemishes and damaged skin, the 27 black power plant solutions calm and protect the skin. The inclusion of 27 plant extracts enable the cream to be more multifunctional, comprehensive, and all-encompassing. Niacin amide lightens skin, shea butter nourishes with rich moisture, olive oil creates moisture-retaining film for soft skin, and other plant extracts soothe and protect irritated skin. The All in One cream is an epitome of what Mizon stands for: high quality, organic certified research, and advanced formulas for total skin care.